Ultimate Guide in Hiring a HRDF Trainer Malaysia

Making strategic business decisions often involves selecting the right resources. In this realm, one of your most significant decisions may involve hiring a certified HRDF trainer in Malaysia. 

This process involves knowing how to navigate the market of professional trainers in Malaysia. So, you may ask, “How do I hire a HRDF trainer in Malaysia?” 

Let’s answer just that in this comprehensive guide in hiring a HRDF trainer.

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Why Hire a Certified HRDF Trainer?

What is a HRDF Trainer Malaysia

The significance of a HRDF trainer lies in its name—Human Resources Development Fund. Not only are HRDF trainers certified professionals, but more importantly, they’re qualified to use Malaysia’s HRDF, a diligent government initiative aimed at developing quality human capital.

When you hire a HRDF trainer, you lean on an expert who can unleash your team’s potential. These certified trainers move through meticulous certification processes, solidifying their ability to impact your team significantly.

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Unleashing the Benefits of Certified HRDF Trainers

HRDF Training Malaysia
A photoshoot with our HRDF-certified trainer after a full 2-days advanced Canva training.

So, “What are the benefits of hiring a certified HRDF trainer?” The advantages of such a move are extensive:

With these benefits, it becomes clear that the costs of hiring HRDF trainer in Malaysia are true investments.

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Popular Types of HRDF Trainings in Malaysia

Benefits of Hiring HRDF Trainers Malaysia

In Malaysia, various types of HRDF training programs cater to the diverse needs of businesses.

Here are some of the popular HRDF trainings to upskill your employees.

Management Development Trainings

Management Development programs top the list as they equip leaders with key decision-making, strategic planning, and team management skills.

This format typically includes sessions on strategic planning, talent management, and team leadership. Specific training examples could be ‘Effective Decision-Making’, ‘Conflict Resolution’, and ‘Collaborative Team Management’.

Technical Skills Trainings

Technical Skills Training is also in high demand as it focuses on improving job-specific technical competencies.

Technical skills training involves sharpening job-specific skills. For example:

‘Canva Training’ where attendees learn to create professional-grade graphics using Canva.

‘AI Training’ teaches participants about machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence applications in business.

Soft Skills Trainings

Additionally, the Soft Skills Training programs that cover communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and more are growing in popularity.

Soft skills training focuses on interpersonal skills and traits. For instance:

‘Content Writing Training’ which enhances writing and editing techniques to generate high-quality content.

‘Negotiation Skills Training’ where participants learn techniques for persuasive reasoning and effective negotiation.

Digital Skills Trainings

Lastly, but increasingly significant due to the remote work surge, Digital Skills Training focusing on digital literacy, digital marketing, data analysis, and cybersecurity.

Digital skills training involves understanding and utilizing the digital tools and platforms effectively. Specific training programs include:

‘Social Media Management Training’, teaching participants to use platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for business progression.

‘Digital Marketing Training’, facilitating comprehensive understanding of SEO, SEM, email marketing, and more.

These distinct training types, delivered by certified HRDF trainers, ensure organizations adapt to changing market dynamics and stay competitive.

Making The Right Choice: Hiring HRDF Trainers Malaysia

HRDF Trainer Costs Malaysia

When deciding to hire a HRDF certified trainer, consider more than just typical hiring checkpoints:

Investing In Your Team: Costs of Hiring HRDF Trainers in Malaysia

The costs of hiring HRDF trainers in Malaysia can vary depending on their expertise and experience. 

Remember, you’re not just purchasing a service; you’re making an investment in your team’s capacity and skill set. 

When you consider the boost in productivity and overall performance, the costs become worthwhile investments.

Finding Professional HRDF Trainers Malaysia

The task of finding professional HRDF trainers in Malaysia may seem daunting, but here is a more comprehensive guide to aid your search:

By considering these points during your search, you can ensure that you find a professional HRDF trainer who is capable of meeting your organization’s specific training needs.

HRDF Trainer Pricing in Malaysia

HRDF Training Services Malaysia

How much does HRDF trainer costs in Malaysia?

The cost to hire a HRDF trainer in Malaysia largely depends on the scope of the training and the number of attendees. If we’re discussing extensive, full-day training, prices typically start from RM1,500 per day.

This includes substantial, immersive HR programs focusing on topics such as management development, technical skills, or digital literacy.

Furthermore, it embodies a holistic approach to learning, with interactive sessions and comprehensive syllabi. On the other end of the spectrum, for shorter, simpler, and more targeted sessions lasting a few hours, costs can be as low as RM80 per person.

These trainings might centre around a single, focused topic and are a cost-efficient way to upskill a team on a specific area.

Therefore, the investment for HRDF training can range vastly depending on the organization’s needs and the level of depth required in the training.

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Get in touch with our accredited and certified HRDF trainers to discover how we can maximise the strength of your workforce, using your levy.

Conclusion: Hiring a HRDF Trainer

With this guide, the task of hiring a certified HRDF trainer in Malaysia simplifies significantly. The benefits of using a certified HRDF trainer manifest over time in your team’s enhanced performance and augmented skills.

Having a professional HRDF trainer align with your team can catalyze your company’s upswing. It’ll not only boost productivity and enhance essential skills, but it will also improve your bottom line substantially.

So, why wait? Jump-start your team’s potential by hiring a certified HRDF trainer, and bear witness to the transformation yourself!

Frequent Asked Questions

How much does HRDF training cost per day?

HRDF training cost varies based on the scope and the size of the group, but full-day extensive training usually starts from RM1,500 per day.

When searching for a reliable HRDF trainer, considerations should be made towards their pricing and package offerings, past experience and credibility, flexibility, professionalism in communication, the ability to help the organization claim HRDF levy, and their official HRDF credentials.

HRDF trainers go through a rigorous certification process and are recognized by the Malaysian government. They uphold high standards set by the Human Resources Development Fund and are knowledgeable in claiming the HRDF levy. Non-HRDF trainers, while possibly skilled, don’t go through the same verification process nor can they help organizations claim the HRDF levy.

Some popular types of HRDF training include management development, technical skills training including Canva and AI, soft skills training like content writing, and digital skills training such as social media management.

Yes, a major benefit of hiring HRDF trainers is their ability to guide organizations through the process of claiming the HRDF levy, which can ease the financial burden of the training.